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Soy milk machine
Almond or soy milk is a nutritious, low-calorie drink that’s become very popular. It is made by grinding almonds, mixing them with water and then filtering the mixture to create a product that looks a lot like milk and has a nutty flavor. Usually, extra nutrients such as calcium, riboflavin, vitamin E and vitamin D are added to it to boost its nutritional content.  It’s great for those who cannot or choose not to drink cow’s milk, as well as people who just like the taste.

  • Almond milk is much lower in calories than cow’s milk. Some people find this confusing, as almonds are known to be high in calories and fat. However, due to the way almond milk is processed, only a very small portion of almonds is present in the finished product. 

  • It is perfect for people that have lactose intolerance. It is caused by a deficiency in lactase, the enzyme that’s responsible for breaking down lactose into a more digestible form. This deficiency may be caused by genetics, aging or certain medical conditions

  • Some people choose to avoid dairy milk as a religious, health, environmental or lifestyle choice, such as veganism. Since almond milk is fully plant-based, it is suitable for all these groups and can be used in place of dairy milk on its own or in any recipe.

Handmade almond milk can be delicious but messy. After blending soaked almonds and water, the resulting pulpy mixture has to be strained at least twice. The process, which typically involves a filter, is messy as well as time-consuming. Our device will simplify the process of making almond milk at home. 

This soy milk machine is a high-powered immersion blender and strainer all in one. The soaked nuts go into a metal basket, where the actual engine and blade are located. The pitcher is then filled with water, and a one-touch button blends the almonds fast enough speed to force out the creamy liquid of the almond and keep the pulp inside. The result is almond milk you can drink immediately, no straining required.
The device will create a large batch of almond or soy milk in a flash. The resulting almond milk, when compared to store-bought, will be a world apart. It will have a creamier mouth-feel and tasted just like the nuts you used and everything will be just a fraction from the price a store bought almond milk

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Soy milk machine

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