FAST SHIPPING - Within 1 - 4 days. Free shipping on orders over 25€. x
FAST SHIPPING - Within 1 - 4 days. Free shipping on orders over 25€. x
Press-type washing brush

  • Excellent design:
    Ergonomic non-slip handle, comfortable to hold.

  • Effective cleaning:
    The cleaning brush makes it easier to clean dishes and glasses, and even remove stubborn residue!

  • Multi-purpose:
    In addition to cleaning dishes, bowls, glass, you can also clean range hoods, tiles, cutting boards, etc.

  • Easy to use:
    Open the lid, pour some soap of your choice and then tighten the lid. When you press the button on the top, the liquid will be squeezed into the brush.

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Press-type washing brush

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Free shipping on orders over 25€.


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